Artist Profile: Beams

Our team is full of musicians. We’ve got an excellent rapper, a shred-gnar on the guitar, a drummer, a multi-instrumentalist/producer, and Josh once thought of learning the sax.

Recently, our designer, Zack Kantor (otherwise known by his stage name, Beams) graduated from Wesleyan. Before he graduated, he submitted his senior thesis. But he didn’t submit it on paper; instead, he submitted it in the form of a mind-blowing visual and audio performance.

“The show was a performance of live electronics in the Memorial Chapel, featuring 5 players with both real instruments, and Ableton sessions triggering samples, live looping, and manipulating electronic sound. The show also featured live visuals which moved with the frequency data of the music. Along with the performance aspect, I designed the posters, brochures, and some of the live visuals for the show. ”

- Beams

Zack's invitation Zack's invitation

One of the best parts of building a community around music – one filled with artists of all kinds and music lovers alike – is how much we get to listen to (and play) music. At the end of the day, that’s really why we’re doing this: for the love of music. From meeting and jamming with artists, to hitting up friends’ open mics and private apartment shows, to throwing down some tasty freestyles in the wee hours of the morning – our “work” is music. That’s a great gift.