Artist Profile: White Cliffs

Who is White Cliffs? Ask the man himself and he’ll tell you he’s simply a “musical chef cooking up jams for your face.” Indeed,  his music is some of the sauciest around, but to us he’s much more than that.  He’s a staple in the Treble community, a high-energy personality with a sharp-edged wit, a multi-media mastermind and most importantly, an overall great dude to work with.

White Cliffs started his musical life on jazz guitar and piano before moving into music production, specializing in melody and vocal editing. The mixmaster is no stranger to success. With two popular remakes last year, White Cliffs garnered some notoriety and a very respectable SoundCloud following of just a shade over 10k. His collaborative remix, True Love, hit 450k plays on SoundCloud last year. Although he hasn’t stopped making music throughout the year (we’ve had the pleasure of previewing some of it), for the most part, White Cliffs has kept his public profile on the low.

Now, after a year of radio silence, White Cliffs is back at it with a new Official Remix for Louis the Child’s, “It’s Strange.” The Jazz influenced remix achieves a fun and fluid double-time vibe through its heavy use of layered bass and crisp jazz drum sounds.

"Since I already love the original version of “It’s Strange,” I wanted to change things up a bit with a bouncy double-time feel.  Blending in those jazz drum samples and doubling the main vocal topline made this one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on."

- White Cliffs

It’s Strange (Remix) is available on iTunes via the Official Remix package, the profits from which will go to charity.

So, what’s next for the Bushwhick beat architect? White Cliffs plans to follow the example lead of GOOD Music mastermind, Kanye West, endeavoring to release new music every 15 days. “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward,” he told us.

We at Treble can’t wait to see what he serves up next.

-Matty & Jables