Artist Profile: Bohan Phoenix

Walk into Bohan Phoenix’s newly minted lovelove Studios and you can be sure to find three things: A cluster of brilliant musicians from across New York City; a mason jar filled to the brim with the stankiest of herb; and of course, the charismatic HuBei-born MC with a blunt on his lips and a smile on across his face.

Bohan is the epitome of good vibes. His studio’s namesake, lovelove, is taken from the philosophy he preaches and lives by every day. As he told us a few months back:

lovelove is an attitude. Show love, love what you do, don't be a dick, and you gon' get to where you need to be. Word to everything I know.<

Those who know him best will all attest to the authenticity of his message. This is no schtick. For Bohan, this is a state of being. Death, taxes, and lovelove.

This motto is reflective in his collaborative approach to FOREIGN, his latest offering. The bilingual spitter’s EP was created “to bring together the two cultures. The east and west In terms of sound and culture.” To architect this bold sound, Phoenix’s called upon long-time collaborator, Brooklyn native, and lovelove producer, Jachary Beats, as well as Beijing based producer, Howie Lee. The result is a refreshing collision of harmonious oriental productions and old school boom-bap bars that are sure to keep 'em bouncing.  Check it out here and show the kid some love love as he gears up for his upcoming Vice China tour in March and April.