Artist Profile: Here Comes Brooklyn

Treble artist Alex Tepper, aka "Here Comes Brooklyn", is back at it with some pretty moving visuals for his new track, "Moon".

The music video follows the story of a toddler and puppy, ultimate archetypes of innocence, as they interact with the world. The life cycle of a modern musician, as he sees it, is innocence, excitement, and optimism → rejection, feelings of unfairness, anger → perseverance, acceptance, and love. In turn, the character’s paths mirror this cycle starting with the newness of a bright, beautiful world → the frightening realization that you’re alone in this life → finding salvation, peace of mind, and purpose in the music and people you love.

Of the song, Here Comes Brooklyn remembers:

"At the time I wrote this song, I was really down on music as a career. Even now, it doesn’t really seem like there’s a way to live a comfortable life by writing and recording music. Which is super depressing. Eventually, though, I decided that I was going to survive and do what I love no matter what. That meant, most likely, a life of a second-choice job that would support the music.

I decided that I was going to survive and do what I love no matter what.

The song is a coming of age story for anyone who has decided to grit their teeth, trudge forward through the mud, and refuse to give up on a dream. No matter what. Sometimes all it takes is a perspective shift and a willingness to change.

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