Artist Profile: Meex

Andrew Maxman, known on stage and in the studio as Meex, will melt your heart. As soon as he opens his mouth, you understand why. His sultry vocals and a smooth performance demeanor make a combo that always leaves the listener feeling some kinda way.

We've been lucky to have him perform at a few of our showcase events. You may have seen him play recently in shows at SOB’s and Webster Hall in NYC.

Meex's production counterpart, Alexander Glantz is the bassist and vocalist for The Heydaze. When he's not touring with his primary outfit, he's constantly writing, recording and producing.

The duo is no stranger to collaboration. They've already captured hearts across the internet with a couple of beautiful acoustic covers. Check out the lovely rendition of Rihanna's 4-5 Seconds:

Meex just released his first single, a modern, grooving cover of Dolly Parton's, Jolene. He describes the process of how the track came to be:

"In December, we had like 5 hours in the studio at Sony. We showed up with a couple of guitars, a computer, and the desire to create something…no idea what was gonna come out. We spitballed for 5-10 minutes. I mentioned I had been listening to Jolene by Dolly Parton a lot recently. We laid down the chords and messed around with some effects. We came across this amazing tremolo effect, and both fell in love with the sound immediately."

They went nose to the grindstone and built out the rest of track, laying down vocals and tightening up production, and within an hour or two, they had the whole thing done.

Stream the track on Spotify today and check him out on Meex on Instagram:


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