Premiere: LiquidLight Releases "Disappearing Ink"

At first glean, LiquidLight's music sounds like something you’ve heard before - and It’s easy to hear why since lead singer Anthony Medici’s voice rendered over guitar riffs and psychedelic melodies would sound perfect crackling out of the cassette player of a 70's Pontiac Firebird. But, even though they may remind you of your favorite alternative or psychedelic bands from the past, LiquidLight has hallmarked a sound that is completely their own. Described as “melodic, thoughtful, and shred-crazy powerful,” the Portland based rockers are poised to release their sophomore album, Wicked Radio, this September and lucky for us, they’re giving us an early taste of the record with their new single, “Disappearing Ink.”

“Musically, we wanted to be more short and to the point. We did long songs in the past, but we wanted to make them shorter, sweeter, and say more with less,” said Medici when asked about the creative process behind Wicked Radio. “Lyrically we’re more blunt than we have been and a little less open to interpretation, though there is still some of that for sure. There are also themes of dealing with confusion and alienation and figuring out what's going on with the world around you, how to deal with it, and rise above it.”

Medici grew up on oldies radio before leaning into his own influences, marked by a curation of records ranging from jazz to classic 70s prog rock; inspirations and sounds you can hear in their latest single. When asked about the band’s musical influences, Medici notes, “melodically it’s very influenced by Guided by Voices, Soundgarden for their arrangement aspect, and classic rock like The Beatles, their harmonies and the bigness of it. Also, classic alternative like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., The Pixies, kind of blended. That’s who we are.” With its bell like guitar strumming, classic bridges, and clean harmonies, “Disappearing Ink” bounces through eras and lands squarely into smooth melodies. Yes, it should be played loud, and yes it’s powerful, but there’s something uplifting and approachable about LiquidLight’s music. “That song is about not letting people trick you. I use the disappearing ink metaphor throughout. It’s about being mindful of what’s going on and not falling for tricksters.” Check out their new single, “Disappearing Ink” and view their upcoming tour dates, here.

Story by Erica Hawkins

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