Treble Champion: How Barry Love. Uses Treble to Make His Mark

“I just wanted to make the most Barry Love. thing possible – the most ‘me’ thing that I can possibly make. If you look at all of my work from graphic design to film to music – if you look at all of that, you should say, ‘this is so him, it’s undeniable.’ The Undeniable Barry.” 

That’s Barry Love. (editor’s note: the period is stylized and very much a part of the moniker.) And what is most certainly undeniable is that this is a man of many talents. A rapper, producer, singer, designer, film-maker, you name it, Barry may be the epitome of the modern creative: everything from his Instagram to his SoundCloud to the soundscapes on his latest track ooze a sense of originality and continuity that can’t quite be defined by anything like one hard-and-fast genre. It’s a brand. It’s a personality. It’s Barry Love.
That’s what it takes these days to cut through the noise and stand out in a crowd that gets more crowded every day, because the internet. With the breakdown of the traditional record label machinery and the spread of music making from expensive studios to bedrooms and basements, there are more people out there creating than ever before. And musicians are now more in charge of – and more beholden to – their personal brands and artistic identities. Fans want content that is easily identifiable, unique, and personal…and they want it constantly, or they lose interest. If you can’t curate that special flavor for yourself, you’ll get lost in the sauce rather quickly.

So in step the Barry Love.s of the world, the mult-talented creatives with a vision and drive to do everything themselves, who carve out a space that is entirely their own. Except no man (or woman) is an island. Despite the capability and talent to tackle every piece of what once was a “360 Record Deal,” we all need someone to press record or to hold the camera, and while an artist’s personal identity is vital to their success, that doesn’t mean a little help from friends won’t go a long way.

“Your friends want to help you, and when you look at a project that you did with your people, you feel a lot more connected to it. When it’s people you trust with your vision, it’s amazing. It’s dope to say my good friend did this, and it came together.” While Barry may always be the man with the plan, he was one of Treble’s first champions, and a proud ambassador of the platform since day one. Sifting that vision through the hands of someone you trust – someone who brings their own influences and sensibilities – is exactly how art gets elevated, and Barry Love. knows that. And that’s what Treble is all about.

So when Barry first got on the platform, he scrolled through a few artist profiles, listened to some tracks, and soon settled on the page of producer Stylo Genesis. Now just a few months later the two have finished up a song and music video together, all thanks to the connection these two made. And here’s the kicker: they’ve never even met in person.

“It’s all literally through the magic of the app, I went on, I looked through a few artists, and I saw him and said ‘hey I really like your sound, let’s work on something.’” After messaging back and forth on the app, and a few emails, in a month’s time they had a song. And a few weeks later they had a video for the tune “Red Alert,” which just dropped late last month. The tune is very much in line with Barry’s previous work, featuring swirling production mixed with natural sounds and Barry’s signature vocals textured, layered, and rollercoastering all over the track. It is the work of a distinct artist in distinct control of his style, and yet it never would have come together without the ingenuity of Stylo Genesis, putting his unique touches on the beat and vocal production. It’s pushed Barry forward musically, creating something that is both his most unique and most accessible music to date. And there’s still more to come.

“Personally, I think Treble is going to change the way artists connect – I think it’s the next wave.” A proud beta tester, Barry has seen the platform grow from just an idea to an essential part of his music career. When control over your image and brand is essential to success, finding the right collaborators to help you forward is exactly what artists need. And with so many creators around all the time, you never know who might be next door, ready to change your art.

Barry knows, and Barry’s spreading the word like only Barry can. Stay tuned.

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Feature by David Rothschild

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