[Video] Artist Of The Week: FitZ The MisFit

Check out our very first Artist of the Week video right above these words. We'll be using this weekly space for interviews and clips, highlighting some of our favorite artists who have exhaled nothing but talent. Take a look, and find them on Treble!

First up, we have FitZ the MisFit, a rapper and producer born and raised in Harlem, NYC. Fitz discovered his talents at a young age, and has been grinding ever since. Check out his self-produced EP, "LOTB," and the rest of his tracks on SoundCloud.

Some quick hitZ about FitZ...
  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Hometown: Harlem
  • Roles: Rapper, Producer, Engineer
  • On Treble Since: August 2017
  • On his headphones right now: Smoke Purp's "Deadstar" & Juicy J's "Highly Intoxicated"


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