[Video] Artist Of The Week: STVSH

We're back at it with another AoTW (still working on the acronym...please comment with better suggestions). This week, we'd love to introduce rapper and songwriter, STVSH.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Stvsh has fostered a musical support system like no other, building a strong brand through hot tracks and stunning videos. Having recently dropped his new song and video, “On My Own,” we at Treble are proud to be a part of his journey. Download Treble today, and expand your network with great artists like our boy STVSH.

Quick Hits about STVSH:
  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Roles: Songwriter, Rapper, Spoken Word
  • On Treble Since: August 2017
  • On his headphones right now: "Lil Uzi is dope, Travis is definitely top 3, & Najjee is killin it right now, but I try not to listen to too much of the new shit. It’s all repetitive, my sound is what it is because my influences are compact. I really only bump myself!"