Meet The Inaugural Treble Tuesdays Council

In 2017, we threw a happy hour that forever changed the trajectory of our company.

With our app in beta and our first product release fast approaching, we decided to hold a small meetup called "Treble Tuesday." We wanted to create an opportunity for our New York userbase to congregate offline and meet their in-app connections. We initially expected a low-key happy hour. We did NOT expect over a hundred artists to pile into our office. We did not expect an epic spontaneous jam session which lasted over 2 hours. And we did not expect to run it back the following week. 50+ shows, hundreds of weekly attendees, and countless "holy shit" moments later, Treble Tuesdays has become a movement, a weekly home for creatives across the city, and "the epicenter of NY's underground music scene." (shoutout NY Mag. Flex. Flex. Skrrt Skrrt.)

Siimba Liives Long at the 1 Year Anniverary of Treble Tuesdays

Baby Yors and Alaya Lee at The Elbert Awards

A Treble Tuesday Jam Session/Cypher

This was never a part of the master plan. With just a handful of employees (mostly dedicated to software development and product), we were in no position to build and scale a live events division, let alone one that produces weekly experiences with brand partnership integrations and in some cases over 20 performers per evening.

So how did we pull it off?

We got by with a little help from our friends.

Community is the bedrock of Treble. Throughout this past year, when human resources and budgets were stretched thin, Treble Tuesdays continued to grow thanks to the unwavered support of countless Treble artists who pitched in wherever they could.

The people who ran security, MC'd every evening, hosted jams and cyphers, shot content, and everything in between were all sourced from Treble's growing tribe of creatives and industry professionals. This community-driven approach became an essential element of the Treble Tuesday experience; every touchpoint from entry to exit was executed by artistic and creative peers. Every week felt like a family reunion. And whenever an attendee walked into an event, every interaction reinforced our the central message of Treble's mission. "To the people behind the music are never alone."
A family photo at Treble Tuesdays Treble Tuesdays features an open bar curated based on featured performers for the night

After our 1 Year Anniversary Show, we thought long and hard about the future of Treble Tuesdays. With the upcoming full scale launch of our digital platform, we knew it wasn't feasible to continue allocating so much time to these weekly events if we were to truly focus on building the product we envisioned.

Then one day, it hit us. Treble Tuesdays may have started at our HQ, but it belongs to the people. Its time we handed the keys to its rightful owners.

And so this year, we will be introducing the inaugural Treble Tuesday Council, a thoughtfully selected committee of Treble artists tasked with operating and growing the series.

The New Treble Tuesdays Council on a retreat at Basecamp. A weird shirtless moment...

In August, we mapped out the tasks and responsibilities associated with TT week-to-week, selected 5 key people with the skill sets necessary to operate the series, and brought them together to take the reigns. From a world-class guitarist who kills it on social media, to a rapper whose been successfully throwing shows longer than all of us combined, this is the diverse cast of personalities and skill sets that will push Treble Tuesdays to the next level. Meet them, know them, and support them by continuing to come home each and every Tuesday.


Hails From: Coney Island Brooklyn NY


I curate and produce content and events for the artistic community in New York City. I also manage a dope collective called ORG OR Nothing.

Responsibilities on The Council:

I am the community manager and the admin to the board members. I make sure everyone on the counsel is communicating and on the same page. And I make sure everyone in the community at large is satisfied with what we're doing for them.

Favorite Treble Tuesdays Moment(s):

Crowdsurfing at the House of Yes show, getting dropped, and then doing it again. Also, every time Dorian does the coin flip to kick off the Beat Battles.

Goal for Year 2 of Treble Tuesdays:

I want the city to know more about this underground scene. I want the industry to be more aware of the talent thats right under their noses. What they're searching for, we have it.

Final Words:

"More love, less hate."


Hails From: From Williamsburgh with an H, back when it was grimy.


Day to day I'm a writer. I also run bootcamps for artists who are looking to begin writing and begin recording. For my 9-5, I book events for the Nuyorican.

Responsibilities On The Council:

I am the Programming Director here at the glorious Treble.FM Tuesdays. And I will be making sure all acts are planned out for upcoming shows and making sure that we can give the shine to as many artists in the NYC area as possible.

Favorite Treble Tuesday Moment(s)

Every week there's always something that makes me want to come back. My favorite has to be when I saw Akai (Solo) perform. Because I could see him give his heart out and the crowd was vibing out to the music. Also, the audio was really clean.

Goals for Treble Tuesdays Year 2:

I want to make sure all shows go smoothly. I want to broaden our reach. And I want to make sure that all artists feel like they have a voice here. Even if you don't get on stage the first time you ask, I want to make sure you know you aren't forgotten.

Final Words

"No more love songs."

"I want the industry to be more aware of the talent thats right under their noses. What they're searching for, we have it." - Zeus


Hails From: Hudson, Ohio


In the past, I've coordinated logistics, publicity, and on-site production for fashion and non-profit events. I'm also a student at NYU and last year, I got hired as an intern at Treble for the semester. I showed up at the first "Not Treble Tuesday" event back at the old Treble HQ and it was definitely not what I was expecting at all. It was really exciting.

Responsibilities on The Council:

I work on the marketing and outreach team doing analytics and managing our community database. I'm excited to get deeper into the numbers as we prepare to scale this year.

Favorite Treble Tuesday Moment(s):

Thats so tough...there's something I liked at every Treble Tuesday. I really love the ones when its packed and there's a line out the door. Like when we premiered Raveena's Honey Video. Or the second showcase at Jump Into The Light.

Goals for Treble Tuesdays Year 2:

I really want the Treble name to get out there. To gain wide-spread recognition. For the artists, I want them to know that being awarded a performance slot at Treble "means something."

Final Words

"I don't have a specific position on love or hate. I think love is fine." (laughs)


Hails From: Israel. Exported to NYC 9 years ago.

Background: I play guitar. I have a band called Rotem and its guitar, bass, and drums. We do somewhat of a rockish, jazz-ish, hip hopish vibe. I also produce and collaborate with a lot of artists in Treble's community.

Favorite Treble Tuesday Moment

I have a very specific moment actually. A few months ago Treble gave a slot to open for Taylor Bennett. Everyone came and rapped for 60 seconds and the energy was SO CRAZY it was just amazing. Everyone was so there and present and the intention was wild it just blew me away. I was like 'this is how things should be.'

Responsibilities on The Council

I'll be doing marketing, outreach, strategic planning, and bringing new talent and artist scenes into the community.

Goals For Year 2 of Treble Tuesdays

I hope Treble Tuesdays will pop up in other cities and will start connecting different scenes into this huge community in the US and then later internationally.

Final Words

"Lets make this happen."


Hails From: Brooklyn, NY


I'm a creator, event planner, tattooist, producer...basically I'm Mr. Make It Happen

Role on The Council:

Director of operations. I handle on-site management. On Tuesdays, I’m kinda like the marines. I go in first and make sure everything is right.

Favorite Treble Tuesdays Moment(s):

During the one 1 Year Anniversary Show at House of Yes. I was like “yo we’re really doing some shit here.”

Also, the night I won the beat battle. (laughs)

Goals For Year 2 of Treble Tuesdays:

Expand. I’d love to see us expand. The model is something that I think can scale. I just want to bring Treble Tuesday to the rest of America. That would be bangin.

Final Words:

"There is no try."

Come out every week to Treble Tuesdays and email us at if you want to snag one of the final two spots on the counsil.